Tiny & Big


Funny 3D platform game with a grotesque story


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Tiny & Big is a platform game where we take the control of a little character armed with a laser weapon that can cut and destroy anything.

It will use the weapon to destroy the scenario and get to unaccessible places.

Your goal? it's so extravagant.. you don't have to kill your enemies, your only goal is to find all the slips your enemy has stolen you.

Tiny & Big tells the story of Tiny, a small and funny character whose enemy, Big, has stolen the only inheritance his grndfather left him: a bunch of slips.

When Tiny discover that Big has robbed them, he decides to take the laser cutter and the hook and climb the enchanted hill where Big is hidden.

It mixes the playability of the old classic platform games where you have to run and jump and the new strategies where you have to interact with the scenario.

Cartoon graphics give it a cool look. In addition, light effects and shadows are amazing.

Tiny & Big promises hours and hours of fun. we recommend it.
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